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    1. Dongguan U-get Plastics Co. Ltd.(original Mao permanent plastic Co., Ltd.) was established in 1996, is a specializing in the production of thermoplastic polyurethane particles (hereinafter referred to as the thermoplastic polyurethane pellet TPU colloidal particles) companies, corporation is located in Taiwan’s Chiayi, 2001 in Dongguan formally input production.
    U-TPU major operating items is production and sales. We produce various grades TPU particles Such as injection grade extrusion grade abrasion-resistance grade flame-resistance. For the general demand supply we also can base on your required to providing customized service.
    U-tpu idea is the quality and the innovation, The implementation of environmental policy and technological upgrading, Lead the trend of the industry benchmark. We take the most quick and comprehensive service to create the best competitive conditions for you. Stable quality good reputation reasonable price is our commitment to create A win-win situation。
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