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General grade Transparent grade Softened Squeeze Abrasion Cold-flex Flame retardant Anti-hydrolysis
Shore A G3 G1 ( S ) T I E A C V P
60A I-60A
65A S-65A I-65A
70A S-70A I-70A
75A S-75A I-75A E-75A P-75A
80A G-380A G-180A T-680A E/W-80A A-80A/QD8 V-80A P-80A
85A G-385A G-185A T-685A E/W-85A A-85A/QD8 C-85A V-85A P-85A
90A G-390A G-190A T-690A E/W-90A A-90A/QD8 C-90A V-90A P-90A
95A G-395A G-195A T-695A E/W-95A A-95A/QD8 C-95A V-95A P-95A
98A G-398A G-198A T-698A E-98A A-98A/QD8 C-98A V-98A P-98A
Shore D
60D G-360D G-160D T-660D E-60D A-60D/QD8 C-64D V-60D P-60D
64D G-365D G-164D T-664D A-64D/QD8 C-68D V-64D P-64D
71D G-371D G-171D T-671D A-72D/QD8 C-71D  
74D G-174D
Characteristic Special shoes General purpose Low thickness and transparency Low hardness
Forming fast
Extrusion general Wear resistance
Low temperature performance Keep UL-94V0
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