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Dongguan uget Plastics Co. Ltd.(original Mao permanent plastic Co., Ltd.) was established in 1996, is a specializing in the production of thermoplastic polyurethane particles (hereinafter referred to as the thermoplastic polyurethane pellet TPU colloidal particles) companies, corporation is located in Taiwan's Chiayi, MORE

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Taiwan technology, advanced equipment
Company specializing in the production and sale of thermoplastic polyurethane elastic body is located in Taiwan's Chiayi, 2001 in Dongguan formally put into production.
Famous engineer Team
Professional engineering and technical experts and senior instructors from Taiwan and the mainland, in addition to the supply of general demand, but also in accordance with your different needs, to provide customized services.
Control product quality
Products in the market before the new product life testing,finished products are required by the 4 major quality inspection process.
Low price, high quality service
stable quality, good reputation, reasonable price is our commitment, we use the most fast and comprehensive service for you to create the best competitive conditions.

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What is TPU wear resistance
When the material in the use of the process of friction & grinding mechanical effects… will cause the surface gradually wear and tear, so the choice of material abrasion-resistance is very important. TPU have excellent abrasion resistance, more than five times of the natural rubber abrasion. TPU is your best abrasion resistance chice
TPU anti high temperature and oxidation resistance
TPU oxidation resistance is good; in general, TPU temperature resistance of up to 120.
TPU application range of plastic materials
TPU has been widely used in shoes, clothing, inflatable toys, drink-water tool and water sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile chair seat materials, umbrellas, leather suitcase, leather bag. TPU thin film is widely used in sports shoes: shoes, leather bags, air bags, etc..
TPU storage and use need to know
Pu particles easily absorb moisture in the air so the Preservation Method should be kept dry and Seal up opening . TPU was easy moisture absorption material, so before processing must be drying to remove material inside the water, otherwise products will have water pattern and the bubble

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The main operating projects for the production and sales of injection grade TPU particles and extrusion

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